Miguel Darcy de Oliveira

Miguel Darcy de Oliveira is the consultant for International Affairs of the Brazilian former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. As a diplomat, he was arrested and resigned from office for denouncing torture of political opponents by the Brazilian military dictatorship.

Reinstated to the diplomatic career with the return of democracy in the country, he focused on the promotion of citizen participation at national and global levels. He was the President of the National Program for Strengthening Civil Society in Brazil during the Cardoso government. He is the founder of the Brazilian Association of NGOs. He is also the coordinator of the Secretariat of the Latin American Commission on Drugs and Democracy, co-chaired by Fernando H. Cardoso, Cesar Gaviria and Ernesto Zedillo, and the Coordinator of the Secretariat of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, chaired by Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

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